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Pioneers in Speciality Grade Paper

Our Range of paper products include carbonless paper, High-Quality Copier paper for Digital & Laser Printing, Anti-slip paper.

  • Double a paper Weight (gsm) : 70, 80, 90

About Us

Established in 2003, Allied Speciality Papers has grown rapidly over the past decade. Ever since inception, we have been striving hard and providing our clients in India finest quality paper products from paper mills all around the globe. We provide affordable, clean and professional paper products with excellent print performance and other parameters that suit our end customers which are sometimes even custom produced. With an eye to the impact of paper production and environment, we strive to provide high-quality Eco-Friendly paper products and inturn help minimize environmental impact and assist in Social responsibility of our corporate and general clientele. Our Clients have supported and urged us to go past the largest importer of Prime Quality Carbonless Paper, Thermal Paper & Copier Paper and now we also offer other Speciality Grade Papers from the Best Mills in the world.

Marketing Network

Allied Speciality Papers is close to you with a vast marketing network to service clients all over India. With own Branches in Chennai & Bangalore and Corporate Office based in Vasai, Thane and a multiple network of professional dealer network, we ensure prompt service to our clients.

Allied Speciality Papers thrives to achieve an exemplary leader on:

  • Brand Building
  • Product Placement and Market Positioning
  • Market penetration and Brand Equity
  • End user awareness programmes
  • Market Support
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management